Saddles - High Tail - WTB


Saddles - High Tail - WTB

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The High Tail was originally designed to accommodate longer travel bikes with tires that would otherwise buzz saddles to smithereens. Light and svelte enough that it finds a home on all bikes - gram counters and gravity fiends rejoice!


  • Provides 15mm of tire clearance over traditional saddle shapes in order to accommodate the longer travel of downhill and enduro bikes.
  • Thin padding and vacuum formed edges means it’s light and svelte enough that it belongs on all bikes.
 Level Rail Color Weight Details


(7mm x 9mm)

Black/Gold 159g Microfiber Cover / Carbon Shell / DNA Padding *
Team Titanium Black/Black 200g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNA Padding
Pro Cromoly Black/White 225g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNA Padding
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