Tires - Breakout - WTB


Tires - Breakout - WTB

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Want to end every ride with a smile undeniably plastered to your mug? Slap on a set of Breakouts, fun comes in size large. Big, all-mountain fun. 


  • Oversized knobs throughout the entirety of the tread provide firm traction that holds a line with ease.
  • Wide, blocky center knobs provide unbeatable braking traction. 
  • Available in both 2.3" and 2.5" widths, it's a beefy tire for those with a large and in charge riding style. 
Wheel Size Level Weight Compound
27.5" TCS Light/Fast Rolling 888g Dual DNA
27.5" TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1090g
Dual DNA
27.5" TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1124g
Gravity DNA
27.5" Comp - Tube Type TBD DNA

TCS Light/Fast Rolling

885g Dual DNA
29"  TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1075g Dual DNA
29"  TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1085g Gravity DNA
29" Comp - Tube Type 1064g DNA
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