Stems - Oozy - Spank


Stems - Oozy - Spank
Stems - Oozy - Spank
Stems - Oozy - Spank
Stems - Oozy - Spank
Stems - Oozy - Spank
Product image 1Stems - Oozy - Spank
Product image 2Stems - Oozy - Spank
Product image 3Stems - Oozy - Spank
Product image 4Stems - Oozy - Spank
Product image 5Stems - Oozy - Spank

Regular price R 1,455.00

  • Highly weight sensitive trail tuned geometry for 31.8 bars 
  • Ultra-short stack height and true zero degree rise
  • Chamfered bar-clamps to reduce stress risers and increase fatigue life in handlebars
  • Shot peened and anodized for high strength and low weight 

MGR, chamfered bar clamp, "Snap Fit" sealed top cap

MATERIAL 3D Forged MGR Alloy, CNC Weight Optimized
LENGTH (mm) 50 / 65 / 75
RISE (°) 0
DIAMETER (mm) 31,8
WEIGHT (g) ±150 (50mm) / ±170 (65mm) / ±180 (75mm)
FINISH Shotpeen anodized, CNC/laser logos

Colors Available Black, Blue, Red, Chrome & Green

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