Pedals - Oozy


Pedals - Oozy
Pedals - Oozy
Pedals - Oozy
Pedals - Oozy
Pedals - Oozy
Pedals - Oozy
Pedals - Oozy
Pedals - Oozy
Pedals - Oozy
Pedals - Oozy
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Regular price R 2,640.00

  • A super slim 12mm for maximized pedal clearance, weight optimized trail pedal at 360g per set.
  • Forged alloy body is shot peened and anodized for increased durability
  • Equipped with forged hollow taper chromoly steel axles for unmatched strength
  • Sealed bearings, IGUS bushings and
  • 18 preassembled pins in virtual concavity for ultimate grip and stability on trails


KEY TECHNOLOGIES MGR, industrial grade axle assembly, chamfered leading edges
MATERIAL Forged MGR alloy body, CNC optimized
PLATFORM SIZE (mm) 100 x 100
WEIGHT (g) ±360 / Set
AXLE Cold forged chromoly steel
BEARING / BUSHING Full complement industrial sealed bearing, IGUS bushing
PINS 18 steel pins (per pedal) - virtual concavity configuration
FINISH Shotpeen anodized, CNC logos
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